My work is eclectic in both style and subject and can loosely be divided into two categories

Loose, playful, outdoor or study work
Considered and academic studio work

Artist's Statement

“I work in Acrylics and Oils. Between them I have the opportunity to paint in the manner I wish at any time. My work is eclectic in both style and subject and can loosely be divided into two categories, (i) loose, playful, outdoor or study work and (ii) considered and academic studio work. As a person I am different each time I commence a new painting or body of work so I try to allow this personality to show through. This makes the process more interesting for me. However, certain elements can be found common to all of my work. I  am hugely influenced by the positive effects of light and its ability to create momentary emotional highs and its extraordinary impact on colour. The subject and style facilitate my emotional response to colour.”


Arnotts Portrait Exhibition Showcase Exhibition -
Oisin Art Gallery
Claremorris Open Exhibition Royal Hibernian Academy Gormely’s Belfast - Dublin 2005
Private Collector Gallery,
Cork, 2006

Transitions 1999
Art Fair RDS 2000 - 2010
Art in the West 2005
Studio Exhibition 2008

“Young Artists” -
Evening Press, May 1981
“Making a Name” -
Evening Press, November 1982
“Drawing on Hidden Talent” - Business - Sunday Tribune - August 2001 Art & Antiques - Sunday Tribune -
May 2007 & Sept 2007
TV3 - Ireland AM May, June, July 2010 - teaching art live on TV.

National Print Museum, Dublin Great Southern Hotel, Parknasilla